Why work with KloudOne?

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Our customers have trusted us with hard problems.

We only take up problems we can solve. We make sure we are successful at what we do.

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Kubernetes? Lift and Shift? Cross cloud? No Problem!

We have experts for the problems that are common in today's environment.

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Cloud Native

KloudOne is one of the earliest cloud native solutions provider. We take pride in helping customers cut costs and deploy applications across clouds; and in migrating existing applications to make them cloud native.

Client Successes

Multi-billion $ Enterprise Software Company

KloudOne's team led re-engineering for a multi-billion dollar enterprise in the bay area for Lift and Shift to GCP Legacy Product Modernization

Market Leading Security Software Company

KloudOne led legacy product re-development including Re-engineering complex pieces for simplicity Introducing large scale data processing pipeline Lifting / Shifting applications to make it cross cloud compatible

Telecom grade mobile advertising engine

KloudOne led product development including Introducing large scale data processing pipeline Lift and shift of existing components form AWS to GCP Build a DMP at scale(100k QPS) CI/CD pipeline with Docker/Kubernetes