Replatforming Solutions

We are a highly specialized in providing replatforming solutions to adopt public clouds to enable it to run on the cloud with minimal changes.

What is Replatforming?

Replatforming involves upgrading an application from its existing platform and adhering to the minimum possible changes to get it to run on the cloud.

Often it will also involve modernizing from vertically scaled technology like application servers and relational database management systems (RDBMS) to horizontally scalable datastores-as-a-service, lightweight open-source software (OSS) servers, and other cloud services versus on-premises.

Replatforming resources

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Replatforming - what does it mean?

Replatforming often involves migrating the application to adopt a public cloud as well as making changes to the database to make it more scalable.

While this level of effort returns only the basic benefits of cloud computing, that’s perfectly fine for some applications because not all applications need the full benefits of being cloud-native.

Why Replatforming Matters

Lower CapEx and OpEx - Replatforming lowers capital spends on new hardware and on application servers. Gone are the days of planning capacity months, or years in advance.

Enhanced elastic scalability - Cloud platforms can horizontally scale up or down in seconds, dynamically—even auto scale.

Optimize hardware resource usage, cost - Containerizing and virtualizing applications increases deployment density on the hardware or IaaS, ensuring maximum utilization of system resources, and deallocation or reallocation when idle.

Improved software licensing and delivery models - Cloud platforms enable you to deliver your software as a service (SAAS)

Increased developer productivity without losing operational controls Cloud platforms provide dozens of tools out of the box improving devops and developer productivity without losing operational control.

Enabling DevOps with common management and monitoring tools - Modern clouds provide agentless health management that streams an integrated, near real-time view of key application, services, and platform metrics.

Developers and operators gain a shared understanding of the same system health and availability data in cloud environments.

Considering Replatforming?

Embracing automation-centric software requires an organization to change how it builds and delivers software. Teams that provide answers to the following questions can help make the case to replatform for cloud:

How critical is your custom application to the business? What level of risk can be taken with the app, and how frequently does it change? Are domain experts available?

What amount of hardware and software investment does the app (or apps) merit? What sort of time window for a replatforming effort is appropriate given the expected outcome? What are the anticipated benefits or impact on revenue / cost savings

Is your company ready to eliminate functional silos and build self-sufficient teams that build and operate their services? Is your change management process able to tolerate a deployment pipeline with little or no human involvement? Is the organization willing to adopt shared services?

Replatforming effort offers less to the migrated application but is also less complex.

Got questions on Replatforming?

Get in touch with us so that we can answer some of your questions and help you build your replatforming roadmap.

Who do we do it for?

$200 Billion US Public Hardware and Software Company

KloudOne's team led re-engineering for a multi-billion dollar enterprise in the bay area for Lift and Shift to GCP Legacy Product Modernization

$10M CyberSecurity Software Company

KloudOne led legacy product re-development including Re-engineering complex pieces for simplicity Introducing large scale data processing pipeline Lifting / Shifting applications to make it cross cloud compatible

Telecom grade mobile advertising engine

KloudOne led product development including Introducing large scale data processing pipeline Lift and shift of existing components form AWS to GCP Build a DMP at scale(100k QPS) CI/CD pipeline with Docker/Kubernetes